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Capacity Planning best practice approach

Capacity planning is an exercise which serves strategic goals: the selection of ‘which initiatives & projects’ is a choice that must be made at C-level. This is where we deliberately differentiate between capacity planning and resource management, as these two concepts are not the same. As stated in the previous blog “5 pitfalls of capacity planning that you need to be aware of”, they serve different organizational goals and therefore provide different outputs, so cannot be confused, or used interchangeably. Below you find our capacity planning best practice approach.

5 Pitfalls of capacity planning that you need to be aware of

You have read our previous blog on the Strategy Realization Office. Maybe you even joined one of our #PortfolioFocus events. In that case, you know that when the organizational strategy is defined and projects are prioritized, the next challenge pops up. “Do you have the right and sufficient resources at hand to complete all planned projects in time, now and in the future?” (Long-term) capacity planning is a key portfolio issue for many organizations, and I think you might agree with me if I say that there are some general pitfalls that will always stick out. How to avoid them? And how can a Strategy Realization Office (slightly different from a PMO) help with this? Let us figure out in this blog!

Capacity planning: how to reduce FOMO at C-level?

In our previous blog, we discussed the rational model behind the implementation of Long-Term capacity planning. In this blog, we will elaborate more on ‘soft’ management components like human behavior. It plays an essential part in Long-Term capacity planning but is, unfortunately, much harder to get a hold on. Do you recognize some of the biases mentioned below? Just read on and discover how to handle them!

📒 Read more about capacity planning here: https://www.threon.com/en/blog/capacity-planning-how-to-reduce-fomo-at-c-level

Long Term capacity planning: no casino bet, but deliberate planning!

Does the success rate of realizing strategic initiatives seems like a 50-50% chance to you? In that case, you may as well just flip a coin… Learn the importance of Long-Term Capacity planning, what the difference is with Resource Management and how to estimate resource capacity in your RUN and CHANGE environment, all by reading this blog!

📒 Read more on capacity planning here: https://www.threon.com/en/blog/long-term-capacity-planning-no-casino-bet-but-deliberate-planning

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