Microsoft has published an interactive world map that shows in real time how many officially registered corona infections, cures and deaths are measured in the affected countries.

The Covid-19 Tracker uses Microsoft Bing Maps, the company’s own map technology. The world map highlights which areas are affected by means of red circles. The bigger the circle, the more affected the region is. When zooming in on the circle of a country, a box appears with the number of active infections, the number of deaths and the number of people declared cured.

In the column on the left, the Covid-19 Tracker ranks the countries based on the number of official infections. At the top of the list are China and Italy, followed by Iran, Spain and Germany.

When you click on a country in the list or on the map, the Covid-19 Tracker not only shows extra details, but also immediately searches the Bing-engine and shows related articles and videos.

Did you know that the John Hopkins University and Medicine also has a live tracker?

But most important of all, please follow your region’s guidelines and stay safe!