Recently I cam across an unsupported scenario with Microsoft Teams. I logged in with an Office 365-account on which Teams is not enabled, giving me the following screen:

Translated, that is: “You’re missing out! Ask your IT administrator for access to Microsoft Teams.”

Fair enough. I understand this. My bad, or my tenant administrator’s bad, no harm done. So what now? Ok, let’s login with an account on which Teams is enabled, right? There doesn’t seem to be an option available to accomplish this at this point. I tried restarting Microsoft Teams, to no avail. My Teams instance looked to be in an endless loop of logging in with the wrong account. Browsing the internet I learned uninstalling and installing Teams again resolves the issue! Try to explain this to someone. 😕

Not believing a reinstall of the product would be my only solution, I found a solution to this issue. The Microsoft Teams icon is present in the Task Bar (Notification area). Just right click on the icon and you will see “Logout”.

This magically brings back the login screen.

Let’s hope Microsoft will soon integrate this in a more convenient way.