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Month: December 2016

Network connectivity to Office 365

You’re looking to set up an international Office 365 environment, and cannot find anything about it? That’s correct, because there is nothing like that at all. Neither a guide with best practices.

Some people suggest to set up a tenant on each continent. Give this a thought for a minute, and you can come up with even more questions.

  • You can only use your domainname on one tenant, how to handle the other tenants?
  • What to do with multiple SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Yammer tenants, thinking in terms of replicating data?

From my point of view, setting up only one tenant is just fine. The only thing you might take in mind is setting one up on the continent on which the biggest part of your users reside.

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SharePoint comparison matrix for 3rd party migration tools

Recently, I came across a very interesting blogpost from Alex Dove, pointing out all the differences, pro’s and cons about the most popular migration tools to SharePoint Online (Office 365).

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SharePoint Online Promoted links

We have all been there, we want to show some Promoted links on a SharePoint Online page. But we want it to show on multiple rows, which you cannot do out-of-the-box.

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Yammer embed All company-feed

By default there is no visible way to embed the all company-feed on a page, for example in a SharePoint Online portal.

To accomplish this, you can go to a random Yammer group and get the code to embed the feed: “Embed this feed in your site”.

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