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PMO Barometer

Threon developed a benchmark study for PMO professionals who would like to know more about the latest trends among PMOs in Belgium. This study provides insight into the maturity level, challenges and growth ambitions of your PMO peers.

The results are based on 28 (Belgian) participants. They responded to an online survey with 10 questions on their PMO’s challenges and ambitions.

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How to transform your Project Organization into a Department of Simplicity

At this moment, businesses are competing in a world that is growing ever more complex. Changing environments due to disruptive technologies emerge with increasing frequency. Supplementary regulations cause entrepreneurial nervosity. Customers’ needs and demands change at breakneck speed and it is hard to find the right talent for the job. Competitors are always entering the scene. Time to think one step ahead and put emphasis on simplicity.

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Assess the agility of your organization

A lot of organizations apply agile principles & techniques, it’s hip and trendy but often underestimated. If everyone starts using them, you could ask yourself: to what extent is my organization applying these agile principles & techniques? Which metrics exist to measure and manage an agile transformation in our organization? Find out below!

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Capacity planning: how to reduce FOMO at C-level?

In our previous blog, we discussed the rational model behind the implementation of Long-Term capacity planning. In this blog, we will elaborate more on ‘soft’ management components like human behavior. It plays an essential part in Long-Term capacity planning but is, unfortunately, much harder to get a hold on. Do you recognize some of the biases mentioned below? Just read on and discover how to handle them!

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Long Term capacity planning: no casino bet, but deliberate planning!

Does the success rate of realizing strategic initiatives seems like a 50-50% chance to you? In that case, you may as well just flip a coin… Learn the importance of Long-Term Capacity planning, what the difference is with Resource Management and how to estimate resource capacity in your RUN and CHANGE environment, all by reading this blog!

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Use Microsoft graph to add a Notebook tab to a Team

A colleague of mine, Nico De Cleyre, recently was struggling with adding a Notebook-tab to a Team in his Microsoft Teams provisioning script.

As Microsoft mentions Notebook tabs in their documentation, they also outline that configuration for these kind of tabs are not supported by default.

But… Nico wouldn’t be Nico if he didn’t find a solution to this. So we’d love to share this with you. We start by explaining the difficulty, to end with a working Powershell script to add a Notebook tab to your Team.

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Microsoft Lists – Your smart information tracking app in Microsoft 365

Build 2020 brought a lot of Microsoft 365 news and announcements for businesses and developers – including the first disclosure of Microsoft Lists. We are pleased to share our vision for Lists – to highlight how you use it to track issues, manage inventory, build out event agendas, report status, manage FAQs, and more.

Microsoft Lists is a Microsoft 365 app that helps you track information and organize your work. Lists are simple, smart, and flexible, so you can stay on top of what matters most to your team. Track issues, assets, routines, contacts, inventory and more using customizable views and smart rules and alerts to keep everyone in sync. With ready-made templates, you can quickly start lists online, on our new mobile app, and directly from within Microsoft Teams. And because it is part of Microsoft 365, you can rely on enterprise-grade security and compliance.

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